Paddle Race Tips from Paddle Sports Center!

The countdown to the Aquathon has begun, so we asked the gang over at Paddle Sports Center to give some tips on preparing for a SUP race!

Here are the 4 most important things to keep in mind for training prep:

1: Volume + Intensity:  If you are doing a training regimen to get ready, make sure you are balancing duration, distance and effort in your paddle sessions.  You will not see improvement unless you are pushing yourself, but don’t push so hard that you are overdoing it.

2:  Work to Rest Ratio:  Make sure you factor in some down time in between paddle training sessions.  Give extra rest time before a race, for example, don’t do a 10 mile intense paddle the day before a 1 mile race.

3:  Gradual Increase:  Try ramping up your paddle sessions every few days, or week by week leading up to your race.  Don’t just jump right to a 10 mile intense paddle session when you are not conditioned or have not been paddling frequently.  Also, try intervals on your paddles where you paddle for a few minutes of high intensity, followed by a minute of leisure paddling, then back to intensity, etc.

4. HAVE FUN! The thrill of competition can be exhilarating, but when it comes down to do it, everyone competing is there because they love paddling so remember to celebrate that bond and enjoy your time on the water!

We can't wait to see you Saturday, September 17th at Leadbetter Beach!