GoPro for the Santa Barbara AQUATHON!

Channelkeeper couldn't be more thrilled to have the support of GoPro both at this year's Santa Barbara AQUATHON and out on the water capturing the biodiversity and beauty of the Santa Barbara Channel.

One of Channelkeeper's long term goals is to secure the continued designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) throughout the Channel. MPAs restrict or prohibit fishing within their boundaries, thereby preserving California's marine natural heritage as a legacy for future generations. Though many people recognize their importance, many fishing groups continue to lobby for their abolishment. MPAs are a critical tool we have in place to help cope with the many threats that currently plague the worlds oceans. It is crucial to actively defend and work to protect their existence. The hardest part about getting people to protect what’s underwater is that, unlike natural resources that are visible and accessible on land, few people have the opportunity to dive in and see what's beneath the surface.

With the help of GoPro cameras, Channelkeeper surveys these underwater parks to create multi-media resources that inspire the community to protect our local MPAs. Through providing interactive opportunities like our Naples Reef Dive Map Channelkeeper hopes to bring the wonders of these underwater worlds to life, reaching a wider audience of people who wouldn't normally be able to see the beauty of our channel, from the comfort of their own homes. GoPro aids these marine conservation efforts by helping us capture glimpses of these important underwater areas to share them with our community.

 Photo credit:  Joe O'Brien

Photo credit: Joe O'Brien