Guest Post: Paddle Sports Center to lead SUPathon!

The Paddle Sports Center is proud to sponsor the SUPathon for the 1st annual Santa Barbara Channelkeeper Aquathon!  We are stoked to be a part of Santa Barbara's ocean loving and environmentally minded community.  As paddlers, we are all stewards of the ocean, responsible for making decisions and fostering education to protect our seas for future generations. 

Out of this commitment, Garrett Kababik and Fraser Kersey formed Channel Islands Outfitters, Paddle Sports Center, and our membership program.  Their vision was an evolving recreational equipment industry that moved away from individual ownership of paddling equipment towards the community collectively sharing gear.  Our membership program has grown into a unique family of ocean lovers, fitness enthusiasts and all around good people who love getting out on the water.  Special group paddle events have always been a big part of the vision, bringing family, friends, community and ocean lovers together to celebrate the spirit of ocean fitness. 

We are extremely excited to organize the SUPathon event for the Santa Barbara AQUATHON and look to see a strong turnout from our member base, staff and friends.