Live music, an awesome raffle, interactive booths and more at this year's AQUATHON!

You don't have to be registered to swim, SUP or surf to come out and enjoy all of our free on-shore activities at this Saturday's AQUATHON!


We've got live music starting at 10AM from Santa Barbara based band The Academy, a group of musicians and outdoor enthusiasts who will have you ready to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate in the sunshine. Deeply rooted in Santa Barbara, Gus and Jake Detar of The Academy not only know how to show their audience a good time, they also know the importance of the clean coastline that makes Santa Barbara such an incredible place to call home.


We've also got an awesome raffle, including apparel from Patagonia, gear from O'Neill, a stunning care package from Santa Barbara Gift Baskets of Santa Barbara Soaps, luxurious towels from Riviera Towel Company (which winners will receive!) Sanuk shoes, Urban Barrels gear and more. With over twenty five chances to win, you won't want to miss the raffle!

We will also have interactive booths from the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary as well as a free massage booth from McVeigh Massage. With plenty of fun in the sun on-shore free to the public, awesome prizes, and tunes to boogie down to, we hope to see you all this Saturday at Leadbetter to celebrate our community and our coastline for this year's AQUATHON!

Aquathon Swim & Paddle rankings

Thanks to all of YOU who made the AQUATHON such a success and for joining Channelkeeper to celebrate our community and our ocean!

Stay tuned for photos and videos from the event!





We hope to see you all next year!

Low Tide Rising: Photos that Inspire to Protect our Planet

Channelkeeper is stoked to have local Santa Barbara photographer and filmmaker, Branden Aroyen taking some great shots at this year's Aquathon!

Branden has traveled the world, taking amazing surf and ocean-inspired photos and videos. His work conveys the beauty of our planet and inspires others to take care of it, promoting a sustainable way of life and using eco-friendly organic materials in his photography.

A few of his most recent film projects include a Costa Rica interview with Kelly Slater, a California winter reflection and a Documentary of a small rural village in Alaska.

Channelkeeper is so excited to have Low Tide Rising at the Aquathon, capturing all of the on-the-water fun we'll be having on Saturday, September 17th! See you there!

Gay Browne & Greenopia for the Santa Barbara Aquathon!

Channelkeeper is so excited to welcome our newest sponsor, Greenopia, onto the Santa Barbara AQUATHON team!

Greenopia is the ultimate green search engine that finds sustainable solutions for every day living by offering a comprehensive guide to over 110,000 eco-friendly businesses. Its founder, Gay Browne, is not only an environmental advocate and humanitarian, but also a Santa Barbara local who has committed her life to helping others live a more conscious, healthy lifestyle. She has received numerous awards for her work in the environment.

In 2009, she was presented with the Faith 2 Green (formally know as Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life) prestigious Environmental Business of the Year award. That same year, Gay also was chosen to speak at the Green Inaugural Ball, welcoming President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to the White House. In 2008, Gay was honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by receiving the annual Climate Protection Award in recognition of her outstanding work fighting climate change.

Gay's work and Greenopia's mission have helped guide consumers to make informed decisions that positively impact both their personal health and the environment. Channelkeeper couldn't be more thrilled to have Gay on-board at this year's Aquathon to not only celebrate a healthy ocean but also the healthy, outdoor lifestyle that is such a big part of our community!

Paddle Race Tips from Paddle Sports Center!

The countdown to the Aquathon has begun, so we asked the gang over at Paddle Sports Center to give some tips on preparing for a SUP race!

Here are the 4 most important things to keep in mind for training prep:

1: Volume + Intensity:  If you are doing a training regimen to get ready, make sure you are balancing duration, distance and effort in your paddle sessions.  You will not see improvement unless you are pushing yourself, but don’t push so hard that you are overdoing it.

2:  Work to Rest Ratio:  Make sure you factor in some down time in between paddle training sessions.  Give extra rest time before a race, for example, don’t do a 10 mile intense paddle the day before a 1 mile race.

3:  Gradual Increase:  Try ramping up your paddle sessions every few days, or week by week leading up to your race.  Don’t just jump right to a 10 mile intense paddle session when you are not conditioned or have not been paddling frequently.  Also, try intervals on your paddles where you paddle for a few minutes of high intensity, followed by a minute of leisure paddling, then back to intensity, etc.

4. HAVE FUN! The thrill of competition can be exhilarating, but when it comes down to do it, everyone competing is there because they love paddling so remember to celebrate that bond and enjoy your time on the water!

We can't wait to see you Saturday, September 17th at Leadbetter Beach!

GoPro for the Santa Barbara AQUATHON!

Channelkeeper couldn't be more thrilled to have the support of GoPro both at this year's Santa Barbara AQUATHON and out on the water capturing the biodiversity and beauty of the Santa Barbara Channel.

One of Channelkeeper's long term goals is to secure the continued designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) throughout the Channel. MPAs restrict or prohibit fishing within their boundaries, thereby preserving California's marine natural heritage as a legacy for future generations. Though many people recognize their importance, many fishing groups continue to lobby for their abolishment. MPAs are a critical tool we have in place to help cope with the many threats that currently plague the worlds oceans. It is crucial to actively defend and work to protect their existence. The hardest part about getting people to protect what’s underwater is that, unlike natural resources that are visible and accessible on land, few people have the opportunity to dive in and see what's beneath the surface.

With the help of GoPro cameras, Channelkeeper surveys these underwater parks to create multi-media resources that inspire the community to protect our local MPAs. Through providing interactive opportunities like our Naples Reef Dive Map Channelkeeper hopes to bring the wonders of these underwater worlds to life, reaching a wider audience of people who wouldn't normally be able to see the beauty of our channel, from the comfort of their own homes. GoPro aids these marine conservation efforts by helping us capture glimpses of these important underwater areas to share them with our community.

 Photo credit:  Joe O'Brien

Photo credit: Joe O'Brien